London 2016 Fundraising

Check out Reality Church London! The London Prayer Tour that I’ll be participating in is from July 26th to August 2nd.

The costs of the flight, accommodations, £50 Oyster card for public transportation <3, meeting space costs, fees and food come out to roughly $3000. This is my first time raising money for a prayer tour. If you want to partner with me financially, I want to chat. I want to share why I’m doing this and I want to hear what draws you to this. Let’s make it personal!

UPDATES of Financial Support:
5/4/2016: $465 
5/7/2016: $665 
5/16/2016: $705
5/23/2016: $755
5/27/2016: $806
5/30/2016: $856
5/31/2016: $906
6/6/2016: $906 & gifted return flight 


  1. Joyce – Thank you for always pushing me to do better, to trust more, to be prayerful. You are my biggest advocate and it means the world to me!
  2. Karen – Thank you for always believing the best in people and for creating safety with your vulnerability and hospitality. You inspire me to love through the strength of God.
  3. Case & Chiara – Thank you for being co-laborors in life & the gospel. In your space, there is overflowing grace, understanding and faith. You are real peeps.
  4. Michael – Thank you for for making me feel like family from day one in LA. You are always the first to hug, first to introduce, first to shine the light on someone else.
  5. Joanne – Thank you for being a sister. We do it all. I can’t imagine life without you. DGAF.
  6. Ruth – Thank you for being constant, giving and a dear friend. You taught me how to wait and trust well.
  7. Rachel & Evan – Thank you for your generosity! In you guys I see how God answers prayer and how God’s timing is perfect.
  8. Anonymous Bro– Thank you for serving and loving others with immense joy. You make everyone feel important.
  9. Treat Family – Thank you for leading and shepherding us well. Thank you for being family.
  10. Mellany – Thank you for teaching me openness, curiosity and what good ice cream tastes like.
  11. Cate – Thank you for living out the hope of the gospel with deep sensitivity, truth and hospitality.
  12. Jenny – Thank you for never giving up and always showing empathy for others. You show me how to invest well in the community.