I’m Nancy. I grew up in NYC. I live in LA. I love community, food and adventures.

I became a Christian in high school, but didn’t fully understand what that meant. In January 2013, God undeniably met me in my sadness, loneliness, shame and hurt. He was like Girl, I got you. I love you. Stop trying to fix yourself.  Life has never been the same. I want to live a life of walking by faith. Living with God has been that fun, unexpected and full of purpose.

I created this site as part of my trip to London summer of 2016. The founding pastor of the church I am currently a member of, Tim Chaddick, moved to London at the beginning of this year. He, his wonderful wife and amazing 3 girls, left all they knew because they felt a great purpose from God to spread the gospel in London. They stepped out in faith because they believe in God’s love, grace and hope.

“Creative. Brave. Generous.” is my invitation to you to share in my journey. Benjamin Graham* hoped every day to do “something foolish, something creative, and something generous.” That’s what I want to do at the prayer tour, well, and in life.

Pray with me. Connect with me. Partner with me. 

xo nancy


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