Ambassadors of Hope

Dear Church
Dear brothers and sisters
We are family
Because we are family, I honestly implore you
Do not be apathetic
Do not be privileged and stand afar because you are not directly affected
Do not ignore the hopelessness that is bubbling all around us
Do not be a lukewarm church that resembles more the Pharisees than little children
This is our time to be ambassadors of hope
To beg God to open our eyes and hearts to understand the pain all around
To ask God for a sensitivity that makes us weep like Jesus wept when He saw Jerusalem
To say, God how can I be of use
If you praise like you have found unshakeable treasure
Then give like you have nothing to lose
If you call on Jesus name for personal healing and wisdom
Then call on Jesus name for community healing and compassion
If you confess and repent because you have fallen short
Then have that grace for those around you because that is what God does for us
It is in days of bleakness
That even a dim light can open other people’s eyes
It is in darkness
That people are hungry for a glimmer of hope
So will you dare to give that shirt from your back
So will you dare to stand up for those who are marginalized and bullied
So will you dare to live the Scriptures
Really live them like you’re putting them to the test
To see so clearly God’s faithfulness
Let us be the church we are called to be
I vow to lay my life at Jesus’ feet
If that means I lay my life for those hurting around me
May God give me the strength to follow through


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