Thank You Treats!

I could just say the common puns of how the Treats are so sweet and such a treat, and end it there. Because sifting through the many, many ways they have affected me, the community and this city in order to keep this post a reasonable length, is hard.

The Treats have folded me into their family and that has made LA home. They have shown me rhythms and the care of a healthy marriage and family. This gives me hope and excitement for my future. Their commitment to me and those around them make us feel like we matter. Jeremy and Tiffany lead by example, with curiosity, openness and humility.  Now those precious girls, Ashlyn, Lauryn, Evelyn & Katelyn! It has been a treat for me to watch them learn, grow, explore, fall and get back up. They remind me to laugh, to be silly and to not eat too much candy. We hands down have the best dance parties.

Thank you for your constant generosity and love. Thank you for living out the call God has placed on your family.


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