Created to connect

Each time I share about my trip to London, I learn of another connection that gets me excited to go. My brother lives there. My girlfriend is studying acting there. I travel there for work once a month so I’ll plan my trip for when you’re there. I “randomly” met a girl who lives there who was visiting NY and you guys should connect when you’re there! London high school kids used to go to the school in Korea I used to work at!

With each specific name and group of people, even though I’ve never been to London, I already feel part of something bigger. Reality churches believe prayer is vital, especially at a time like this when we’re gathering a church family in a new city. We don’t want to go  and assume what people need. We want to know the people, the specific obstacles, pains, heartbreaks and struggles, and come in humility. We don’t want our agenda; we want God’s renewing, beautiful, healing and connective purposes. For us to strip away our egos and be open and receptive to God’s plans, we pray. We listen, we pause, we meditate, we surrender. This is why over a hundred of us are going to London to pray.

I was just in New York. I love that city so much. I want to go back all the time. (Calm down. I love LA!) As I walked the length of the city and travelled many hours on the subway, I felt the loneliness in the air. I felt it probably because I am well acquainted with it. People are walking and going. It feels indulgent to stand still and breathe. It’s scary to stand still because people will question and ask you what are you doing, where are you going? PROVE THAT YOU DESERVE TO BE IN THIS SPACE. The constant going helps us hide. Cities are beautiful. I pray to God to NEVER call me to the ‘burbs. Please God no, if you love me… But cities are hard and people are hurting. But after this I love New York even more because I’m there with her. I hope I get the inside raw glimpses of London that will make me fall in love with it.



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