Going to pray, What?

This past Sunday, was our first London prayer meeting.
Friends and soon-to-be friends were all meeting.
Excited to see how God works through His people
Because He chooses to work through His people
His messy & beautiful & excited people
What are we doing here, going to pray?
I’ve never done this thing, go to a new city to pray!
Pray, really pray?
Yes, pray, really pray!
Our expectations and ideas on the ground we lay
And we say God show us your people, your heart, your way
Because how we act, what we do, what we say
We want it in His good and perfect way.
I was reminded that to ask for help, which I’m prone not to do
Is a vulnerable and kind thing to do
Inviting others into this journey
Inviting others to see what God’s heart is like
Inviting others to see what my heart is like
So come ask me why I’m doing this
What God has been showing me in all of this
What I’m still scared and excited about in all of this
I believe God’s hope and renewal
His love and grace revival
There is no denial
He is near and He so cares
And even if I’m scared
He is here

*(I’ve been listening non-stop to Hamilton and I had to try to drop some beats)


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