Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson lives a life of CBG. He creatively, bravely and generously uses his gifts and passions to extend mercy to those people others have forgotten. He advocates for people on death row and works tirelessly to transform the messed up justice system in America. His book “Just Mercy” depicts our unjust legal and prison system & racial and socioeconomic biases through his vulnerable and personal retelling of specific clients he works with. He is the truer, better Atticus Finch. While I am still processing how this book is affecting me, I am forever changed by his book. Everyone needs to read this book. I WILL READ IT AGAIN WITH YOU.

God gives us so wonderfully specific gifts, specific upbringings, specific heartbreaks and specific opportunities. It is the bravest thing to surrender to how he has made us and how he is calling us to live our life. Everything is a gift, from this breath to these hands that can type to this mind that is constantly racing to figure out why/how/what/where/when. Each person I get to come across is a gift. Each opportunity that is handed to me is a gift. I don’t want to wrongly use or hold too tightly to them.

This prayer tour to London is a gift. It has been so sweet exploring where and how this tour fits into my life. I don’t want this to be some one-off thing that I get to do the summer of 2016. Why at this time? Why this place? What does God want to show me in all of this? What expectations and desires do I have that are unhealthy and narrow? Where am I not trusting God? How can God use my specific gifts and passions, heartbreaks and wounds at this specific time for this specific tour?


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