Comfortable is boring

Today I hung out with the an amazing mother. Her whole family moved from northern California to Los Angeles, and a lot of it didn’t seem to make sense at first. They had a great setup, great community, great…well it was good up there. It was comfortable. And now while their life is often unpredictable and edging on scary, they have stepped into something GREAT. They get it and they love LA.

Initially, I laughed in disbelief when the Chaddicks’ shared their plans for London. But after hearing their heart and process in this decision, I felt so proud of and excited for them. They were leaving something good because they saw God calling them to something great. And as I admired their faith, it became a reality check for my life. Was I living too comfortably? Was I living in the predictable and safe? I was disgusted and I asked and begged God to reveal areas that I needed to become braver in. I prayed to God asking him where I needed to trust Him more and in what areas I needed to do the scary. I asked him where I was being selfish, self-centered, controlling and small. I prayed and asked him to take anything that was not going to shine God.

If you had asked me 5 years ago, I would never have guessed my current situation – living in LA, loving LA, acting & writing, a Christian, working in a restaurant and going to London to pray. What? No. But where I am right now, is where I’m supposed to be. Comfortable is boring. We were made for so much more than being comfortable.


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