Between faith & action

Alright, I told myself, Nancy you are going to step out in faith and do this. This trip, this fundraising. It doesn’t make sense financially, emotionally, time-wise, mentally, but go for it. People might think you’re crazy or selfish or unwise or foolish or whatever, but LEAP into the scary!

But as soon as I decided to “trust” God, I found myself planning EVERYTHING. Writing down how I’m going to plan this event, ask this person for a space, buy these coloring pages for an event. I was going to do this! I was going to earn and work for this trip! Thankfully, before I was too deep in the pit of filling my calendar with CBG events, God told me to stop and breathe. STOP.

So what now? Where is the sweet spot between stepping out in faith & doing things that require courage and asking for help AND stepping out in faith and letting God guide the venues/people/ideas? How can I do this by leaning in on my gifts and passions while letting God steer where to lean them? How can I live each moment in a way that requires God strength and not my own strength?

I care about community, deep & real conversations, vulnerability, living into our God given potential and calling, healthy families, delicious food, heart hitting music, engaging in identity talks, uncomfortable dialogue for a united purpose, acting, writing, stories of the marginalized, wine & whiskey. So God, tell me how to direct these for this purpose, for this time!

xo nancy



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