Creative. Brave. Generous.

I tried to read “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham earlier this year. I figured at this age I should be more financially savvy and understand the “markets”. Though I have since put the book down and the bookmark sits squarely at the middle of the book, one thing Graham does has stuck with me. Every day, he does something creative, brave and generous. I have taken that and made it my daily mission.

I am going to London at the end of July to pray. The founding pastor of the church I am currently a member of, Tim Chaddick, moved to London at the beginning of this year. He, his wonderful wife and amazing 3 girls, left all they knew because they felt a great purpose from God to spread the gospel in London. They stepped out in faith because they believe in God’s love, grace and hope. So in July, I will be going to London to pray – to better understand how God sees London and how He wants to renew that city.

I’ve never been to London and I’ve never done a prayer tour. What I do know is that God loves London – I love cities, God calls us to pray – I love prayer, and God is working through Tim and his family – and I can come alongside this family!

Here is my stepping out in faith. It makes me uncomfortable to ask for help, but I need help.

One, for you to come alongside me on this journey, listening and learning, and praying for me and the team. Call me. Text me. Have coffee with me!

Two, financial support. I will be hosting events that encourage us to be creative, brave & generous! I love gathering and connecting people. This is why I LOVE LOS ANGELES. Come out. Come play. Come open for a deeper community.

xoxo nancy


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